26 dic. 2013

Character Design

¡Yay! My first character design attempt! :D
I'm proud of the result, although I know there's various 
things that I can improve, I think It's well to be the first time.

24 dic. 2013

Practising expressions

Practising expressions based on Nicola Sammarco drawings
Very inspiring!

15 nov. 2013

13 nov. 2013

Glad to see you again, Manga style

As a lot of artists, I began drawing with a manga style. 
(Ahh, .hack//Legend of the Twilight is my little treasure <3 )

Now, It's fun trying to draw with this style again.

I didn't do nothing out of normal, I just change their noses for a line and their eyes a bit hehe.


Personajes de una historia
que quizás nunca llegue a hacer,
pero ahí están :3

7 nov. 2013

Rampel's wife?

Si la inspiración llama a tu puerta a las 3 de la mañana, tienes que abrirle. 
No puedes desaprovecharla porque no sabes cuándo volverá.

( Eso sí, preparate para entrar en modo zombi a la mañana sig. )


I felt inspired at 3:00 AM :D
I'm tired and want to sleep, but I love this drawing
( It reminds me when I used to draw on Tegaki ^^ )

17 oct. 2013

Various things

Poses are from Pixelovely, a very useful web to practise anatomy, gesture drawing or proportions. :)
I'll paint full backgrounds someday... I'll promise xD

26 sept. 2013

Finding a own technique is really hard...

*Click image for large view*

(woops! I haven't time to write a description, maybe later, sorry)

15 sept. 2013

Three girls

*Click image for large view*
Nnng the thumbnail seems very pixelated :,/ 

Three girls without references (Alice included)
Practising poses.

21 ago. 2013

Scared Girl

After two weeks on the beach without internet, I need to upload something new here, I've been practising a lot these days, but I enjoyed the free time too :3


4 ago. 2013


Quick sketches of Alice in Wonderland, I wanted to draw her today and It was harder than I thought! D:
(Wow, I can't say they're Alice, their faces are similar but not equal... I must practise more...)

Meanwhile, it's late, and bugs are eating me because I have the light on. =_= 
*Good night!* 


2 ago. 2013

Japanese Satyr Guy

Here's a guy I created some months ago, he's a mixture of Greek and Japanese culture. 
His horns glow!! *-*

*Click image for large view* :3


30 jul. 2013

Unfinished girls

Two unfinished girls done with color pencils... I need a scanner :<

28 jul. 2013

Here we go!

Hello! I'm spanish and I'm studying Fine Art (I'll begin my 3rd year in October) and I want to work in Animation in a future.

I've created this blog to see how my art-skills improvement year after year (and english skills, that'd be great too hehe, I'm sure I will laugh my way of expressing myself in english in a few years...)

Here we go!